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Rules to Swinging at a Swingers Club

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Swinging is a lifestyle involving swapping of sex partners for social sex but after consenting. But before they do that, there are several things you need to understand, be aware of and follow. For example one needs to know what swingers do, the rules to follow when swinging and also why swingers swing.

For new people in this scene, this act may sound terrifying and there is a need to figure out which club to go to and how to behave once there. For those in a really committed relationships, this can be the ideal place. It is hard to tell who is a swinger since most swingers prefer keeping this type of lifestyle private. But others nowadays keep it public.

How Swingers Clubs work

swingers club guideWithin the swinging clubs, there are rooms for sex. So someone does not need to leave the club to go and look for a partner. For those preferring off-premises, they can participate in sex actions outside the club. But mostly the off-premises swingers clubs are more of social gatherings where couples can decide to go elsewhere and engage in sexual activities or go at it directly at the club.

Some clubs may restrict single men when married couples are present in the club. Others do not restrict them mingling.

There is also normally a dance floor where the partners or couples in these clubs enjoy music and drinks and also sex rooms are available.

Swingers Club Rules

  1. You are expected to subscribe to a membership with a given fee. Most clubs need a proof of ID and membership card anytime one visits the club.
  2. One should always expect anything to happen while in the club. At times one can feel upset or totally traumatized and so he or she should be ready to understand and accept that. So always go to these clubs the nights that you feel okay with.
  3. Always engage in safe sex more so when you do not trust sex partner. Remember you are prone to sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Respect other people that you are with and try as much as always to be nice to them.
  5. Do not force a hookup if the other couple does not like you. Take a no for a no.
  6. Do not drink to an extent of not realizing yourself. If one has to drink, it should not be too much.



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